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Recent Publications

Maternal genetic inheritance of red pericarp in the grain of maize
J Ron-Parra, MM Morales-Rivera, J Jiménez-López, ÁA Jiménez-Cordero, L De La Cruz-Larios, JJ Sánchez-Gonzalez
Maydica 61.3 - M 21
Heterosis and growth in a developing maize plant
NC Smith, EA Lee
Maydica 61.3 - M 22
Influence of titanium foliar application on antioxidant enzyme activity and some biochemical attributes of corn
HT Moghaddam, Ahad Madani
Maydica 61.3 - M 23
Response of a maize composite to selfed progeny recurrent selection for earliness and yield traits
M Sajjad, NU Khan, HU Rahman, K Khan, G Hassan, S Gul, S Ali, K Afridi, I Ali, SM Khan
Maydica 61.3 - M 24
Can elite maize landraces help to improve forage yield and quality? A genetic analysis
S Incognito, G Eyhérabide, C López
Maydica 61.3 - M 25
Comparison of biomass production, growth and solar energy utilization in specialty vs normal maize genotypes at different developmental stages
F Kahriman, CÖ Egesel
Maydica 61.3 - M 26
Determination of susceptible growth stage and efficacy of fungicidal management of Curvularia leaf spot of maize caused by Curvularia lunata (Wakker) Boedijn
S Bisht, R Balodi, A Ghatak, P Kumar
Maydica 61.2 - M 27
Gene action controlling stability and adaptability in maize
G Eyhérabide, T Boca, C López
Maydica 61.3 - M 28
Genetic diversity, linkage disequilibrium and population structure among CIMMYT maize inbred lines, selected for heat tolerance study
A Dinesh, A Patil, PH Zaidi, PH Kuchanur, MT Vinayan, K Seetharam
Maydica 61.3 - M 29
Accuracy and simultaneous selection gains for grain yield and earliness in tropical maize lines
LF Mendonça, R Fritsche-Neto, ÍSC Granato, FC Alves
Maydica 61.3 - M 30