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Recent Publications

Effect of saline stress on the physiology and growth of maize hybrids and their related inbred lines
M Luo, Y Zhao, Weisong, R Zhang, A Su, C Li, X Wang, J Xing, Z Shi, J Zhao
Maydica 62.2 - M 11
Genotype by environment interaction effects on grain yield of highland maize (Zea mays L) hybrids
H Ninsiima Kayaga, M Ochwo-Ssemakula, F Kagoda, B Mahulé Elysé Alladassi, G Asea, P Gibson, R Edema
Maydica 62.2 - M 12
Validation of housekeeping genes for qPCR in maize during water deficit stress conditions at flowering time
C Décima Oneto, E Bossio, P Faccio, A Beznec, E Blumwald, D Lewi
Maydica 62.2 - M 13
Effect of the few-branched-1 (Fbr1) tassel mutation on performance of maize inbred lines and hybrids evaluated under stress and optimum environments
S Dari, J MacRobert, Á Minnaar-Ontong, MT Labuschagne
Maydica 62.2 - M 14
Characterization of paired Cas9 nickases induced mutations in maize mesophyll protoplasts
F Wolter, S Edelmann, A Kadri, S Scholten
Maydica 62.21 - M 15
Qualitative, quantitative and molecular detection of aflatoxins from maize grains in north-west India
H Kaur, H Singh, M Singh Hunjan, G Kaur
Maydica 62.2 - M 16
Characterization of the genetic structure and diversity of maize (Zea mays L) landrace populations from Mexico
LFC Santos, RH Andueza-Noh, ES Ruíz, L Latournerie-Moreno, R Garruña, JO Mijangos-Cortes, J Martínez-Castillo
Maydica 62.2 - M 17
Revealing core heterotic germplasm and characterizing of maize inbred lines using SSRs
C Hu, L Zhang, Y Dong, Q Zhou, X Li, Y Ren, S Zhu, L Zhang, Z Liu, Y Li
Maydica 62.2 - M 18
Phenotypic evaluation of a diversity panel selected from the world collection of sugarcane (Saccharum spp) and related grasses
J Todd, H Sandhu, A Hale, B Glaz, J Wang
Maydica 62.2 - M 19
Significance of irrigation treatments and weather conditions on European corn borer appearance
A Sarajlic´, E Raspudic´, Z Lonc?aric´, M Josipovic´, M Brmež, M Ravlic´, V Zebec, I Majic´
Maydica 62.2 - M 20
Brown-midrib genes in maize and their efficiency in dairy cow feeding. Perspectives for breeding improved silage maize targeting gene modifications in the monolignol and hydroxycinnamate pathways
Y Barrièré
Maydica 62.2 - M 21