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Recent Publications

Genetic behavior for kernal yield and its physio-agronomic attributes in maize at normal and high temperature regimes
M Akbar, J Farooq, Y Ashraf
Maydica 62.1 - M 1
Performance of no-till maize under drip-fertigation in a double cropping system in semi arid Telangana state of India
P Bhimireddy, M Mallareddy, G Subbaiah, KC Sekhar, DVV Reddy, PR Babu
Maydica 62.1 - M 2
Multi-environment field testing to identify stable sources of resistance to charcoal rot (Macrophomina phaseolina) disease in tropical maize germplasm
B Kumar, KS Hooda, V Singh, JC Sekhar, V Kumar, CM Parihar, SL Jat, AK Singh, J Kaul, H Kaur, H Kaur, OP Yadav
Maydica 62.1 - M 3
Determinants of drought tolerance at seedling stage in early and extra-early maize hybrids
RO Akinwale, FE Awosanmi, OO Ogunniyi, AO Fadoju
Maydica 62.1 - M 4
Nutrient, fatty acid and mineral composition of selected white food-grade sorghum hybrids grown in a Mediterranean area of Southern Italy
P Pontieri, J Troisi, A Boffa, F Del Giudice, AL Chessa, G Pizzolante, R Romano, P Alifano, L Del Giudice
Maydica 62.1 - M 5
Diallel analysis and inbreeding depression of commercial maize hybrids aiming the formation of base populations
VHD Tolentino, RJB Pinto, LSA Gonçalves, CA Scapim, HJC Senhorinho, MMD Coan
Maydica 62.1 - M 6
Nutritional and phenotypical characterization of two South African maize (Zea mays L) varieties sampled in the Qwa-Qwa region
E Cantaluppi, S Manzi, AA Egal, D Puglisi, E Cassani, I Toschi, VT Cesari, M Landoni, A Scapin, R Pilu
Maydica 62.1 - M 7
Genetic divergence, path coefficient, principal component and cluster analyses of maize genotypes in the mid-altitudes of Meghalaya
R Dutta, A Kumar, S Chandra, SV Ngachan
Maydica 62.1 - M 8
Differential gene expression analysis of the Coix transcriptome under PEG stress
Y Huang, J Xiang, K Yin
Maydica 62.1 - M 9
Maydica 62.1 - M 10