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Recent Publications

Genetic architecture of lodging resistance revealed by genome-wide association study in maize (Zea mays L)
S Yang, Y Liu, D Zhang, Z Zhang, J Zhang, L Zhu, Y Huang, Y Zhao, J Guo, J Chen
Maydica 61.4 - M 31
The maize (Zea mays) b-32 protein shows RIP activity in yeast cells
I Mauri, E Martegani, M Maddaloni, C Balconi
Maydica 61.4 - M 32
Estimation of genetic diversity of germplasm used to develop insect-pest resistant maize
R Tende, J Derera, S Mugo, S Oikeh
Maydica 61.4 - M 33
Effectiveness of the R1-navajo embryo marker on sorting haploids in tropical maize germplasm
KF Milani, AG Baleroni, HA Silva, AB Mendes-Bonato, RJB Pinto, CA Scapim
Maydica 61.4 - M 34
Examination of photosynthetic nitrogen use efficiency of field-grown sweet corn (Zea mays L var merit) under water and nitrogen stress
N Jafarikouhini, SA Kazemeini, H Ghadiri, M Lagrimini
Maydica 61.4 - M 35
Socio-ecological considerations on the persistence of Mexican heirloom maize
E de la Barrera, R Orozco-Martínez
Maydica 61.4 - M 36
Handicraft using corn ear husk and pest damage affecting its production
W de S Tavares, SA de Castro Tavares, AI de Azevedo Pereira, JC Zanuncio
Maydica 61.4 - M 37
Kernel weight in maize: genetic control of its physiological and compositional determinants in a dent × flint-caribbean RIL population
CI Mandolino, KE D’Andrea, CV Piedra, SAlvarez Prado, SE Olmos, AG Cirilo, ME Otegui
Maydica 61.4 - M 38
Developing insect resistance with fusion gene transformation of chitinase and scorpion toxin gene in maize (Zea mays L)
M Liu, Y Hao, Y Sun, J Wang
Maydica 61.4 - M 39
Combining meta-QTL with RNA-seq data to identify candidate genes of kernel row number trait in maize
Q Jiang, D Tang, C Hu, J Qu, J Liu
Maydica 61.4 - M 40