a journal devoted to maize and allied species

Recent Publications

The Critical period for weed control in spring maize in North-West India
Kiranjit Singh, Tarundeep Kaur, MS Bhullar, AS Brar
Maydica 61.1 - M 1
Breeding strategies for improving growth and yield under waterlogging conditions in maize: A review
Ajaz A Lone, Mudasir H Khan, Zahoor A Dar, Shabir H Wani
Maydica 61.1 - M 2
Genetic diversity and heterotic grouping of the core set of southern African and temperate maize (Zea mays L) Inbred lines using SNP markers
Chanda Richard, David S Osiru, Mick S Mwala, Thomas Lubberstedt
Maydica 61.1 - M 3
A review of genetic analysis and response to selection for resistance to Busseola fusca and Chilo partellus, stem borers in tropical maize germplasm: A Kenyan perspective
Mwimali Murenga, John Derera, Stephen Mugo, Pangirayi Tongoona
Maydica 61.1 - M 4
Line x testers analysis of tropical maize inbred lines under heat stress for grain yield and secondary traits
Dinesh Akula, Ayyanagouda Patil, Pervez H Zaidi, Prakash H Kuchanur, MT Vinayan, K Seetharam
Maydica 61.1 - M 5
Systematic analysis of leucine-rich repeat disease resistance genes in maize
Wei-Tao Li, Kui Xiang, Zhi-Ming Zhang, Guang-sheng Yuan, Hai-jian Lin, Guang-Tang Pan
Maydica 61.1 - M 6
Use of satellite remote-sensing techniques to predict the variation of the nutritional composition of corn (Zea mays L) for silage
Gonzalo Ferreira, Eleonor L Cayford, Leyang Feng, Yang Shao, Marcos Isla-Casares
Maydica 61.1 - M 7
Evaluation of biophysical, anatomical, and biochemical traits of resistance to Sitophilus oryzae L. (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) in stored maize
P Lakshmi Soujanya, JC Sekhar, Chikkappa G Karjagi, Dharam Paul, P Kumar
Maydica 61.1 - M 8
Screening and analysis of soda saline-alkali stress induced up-regulated genes in sugar sorghum
Ling Yan Dai, Kui De Yin, Yu Xian Zhang, Chang Qing Yu, Ming Li, Ji Dao Du
Maydica 61.1 - M 9
Characterization of a major quantitative trait locus on chromosome five for hundred-kernel weight of maize (Zea mays L)
Shunyou Wang, Chunxia Chen, Yuanyuan Feng, Qinghe Bai, Xue Xia, Xi Wang, Xi Wang, Chenyu Ma, Qingli Zhou, Mingyang Lu, Zhangying Xi
Maydica 61.1 - M 10