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Recent Publications

Salicylic acid alleviates methyl viologen induced oxidative stress through transcriptional modulation of antioxidant genes in Zea mays L
P Yadava, N Thirunavukkarasu, KShiriga , I Singh
Maydica 60.3 - M 21
Improvement of grain yield and vegetative characters of temperate maize (Zea mays L) over environments
MA Murtadha1,OJ Ariyo, SS Alghamdi, MA Adebisi
Maydica 60.3 - M 22
Field and laboratory screening of Romanian maize landraces very resistant to low temperatures
D Murariu, M Murariu, DD Placinta
Maydica 60.3 - M 23
Heterosis and combining ability of highland quality protein maize inbred lines
G Nepir, D Wegary, H Zeleke
Maydica 60.3 - M 24
Genetic variability, repeatability, traits relationships and path coefficient analysis in low nitrogen donor white inbred lines of maize (Zea mays L)
OD Joseph, OA Oduwaye, SA Olakojo, DK Ojo
Maydica 60.3 - M 25
Waxy maize yield and components as influenced by environment, water regime, and hybrid
JJ Milander, SC Mason, G Kruger, TD Galusha, Z Kmail
Maydica 60.32 - M 26
Higher emergency vigor seed traits of sweet maize (Zea mays L) inbred lines in China by factor analysis and cluster Analysis
Y Zhou, LL Cheng, SR Deng, CZ Fan, LZ He, XX Cheng, Z Liu
Maydica 60.3 - M 27
Analyses of genetic diversity among exotic- and indigenous- maize inbreds differing for responses to stored grain weevil (Sitophilus oryzae L) infestation
R Zunjare, F Hossain, V Muthusamy, AK Vishwakarma, N Pandey, P Kumar, JC Sekhar, SK Jha, N Thirunavukkarasu, HS Gupta
Maydica 60.3 - M 28
Genetic diversity analysis of elite maize inbred lines of diverse sources using SSR markers
L Nyaligwa, S Hussein, B Amelework, H Ghebrehiwot
Maydica 60.3 - M 29
Selection response for oil content and agronomic performance in four subtropical maize populations
A Ortega-Corona, R Picón-Rico, RE Preciado-Ortiz, AD Terrón-Ibarra, M de Jesús Guerrero-Herrera, S García-Lara, SO Serna-Saldivar
Maydica 60.3 - M 30